Knights of the Old Republic (Xbox)

Knights of the Old Republic (Xbox)

On Dantooine, there is a Jedi Order, and after speaking with them they told me “the Force is strong” in me, or something. So I was to become a Jedi Padawan. Whatever that is supposed to be. First, there were three tests. One was knowing the Jedi equivalent of the Scout’s “I’ll do my best” thingie, another was to build my own lightsaber. I chose to become a “Jedi Consular”, as that seemed most rounded of the three choices, and it gave me a green lightsaber. Hurrah!

After that, I was sent on a trek out to kill some kath hounds, and find out why they’d been tainted by the Dark Side. A Dark Jedi (called Juhani) awaited at the source of the “taintedness” in the Grove. I managed to turn her away from the Dark, and she returned to the Jedi Enclave. On my own way back, I had to settle a murder enquiry (like in Phoenix Wright!), which I successfully did.

Once back, I was told I’d completed my three tasks, and became a full Padawan!

I was then sent on another mission – to find the Star Forge. Upon entering some ruins, and talking to some 20,000+ year-old droid there, I had two “seals” to break. This involved destroying two guardian droids, then answering some silly question regarding what types of worlds are life and death worlds. Or something. That revealed a Star Map, which pointed out some other planets, but not the location of the Star Forge.

The Jedi Council suggested I travel to other planets and seek out new life and new, no, hang on. That’s something else. Seek out other maps or something. I didn’t really pay a lot of attention as they all have such irritating voices. Especially not-Yoda. They made Juhani join my party too.

Then it was off to Tatooine. I don’t know which planet I have to go to first, but I’d at least heard of that one, so there I went. Upon landing, it appeared I had a stowaway on board my ship, so after a bit of hunting found a girl I had to communicate with using her own language which I didn’t understand. It was a bit odd.

After that, I wandered around Anchorhead (where I’d landed) and killed some Dark Jedi who had come to kill me. They were easy, and I gained a few extra crystals and another (albeit crap) lightsaber. I can have a red and a green one now, at the same time. Even though the red one is a bit, er, stunted. Talked to lots of the locals, and found out where Mission’s brother might be. Next task will be to go out into the dunes, I think.

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