Animal Crossing: Wild World (DS)

Animal Crossing: Wild World (DS)

How can a game technically so dull, be so addictive? It makes no sense.

Turnips were selling for 129 bells today, so I was tempted to sell until I found that Coope in Gala had them for 182 – a pretty healthy profit. Went over there to sell, but just after I did I lost the connection and the game reset. The same had obviously happened to Coope, as he wasn’t online immediately afterwards, so I went and planted a few more fruits in my orchard, and then tried to go to Gala again. And I could! Sold up, and had about 200,000 bells then. Dropped of my shirt designs at Coope’s tailors, and had a chat with some of his animals, before coming back to Cheese.

Went to pay off more of my mortgage, and ended up with only 10,000 left to go! Spent a while finding the last few fruits on my trees, and went fishing to make some bells. Unfortunately, almost all of the fish (including a koi and a stringfish) I hadn’t caught before, so felt obliged to donate them to the museum. Bah. After some time I managed to scrape together enough bells (mainly through digging up a few gongaloids) to pay off the rest. Hurrah! New room tomorrow!

Also went and had a chat to some of my animals, including Yuka, who showed me a someone revealing letter Keith had sent her.

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