Knights of the Old Republic (Xbox): COMPLETED!

Knights of the Old Republic (Xbox): COMPLETED!

Well. That took AGES. And AGES. Just over 36 hours in total, in fact. I knew it was a long game, but I was expecting nearer 20 when I started it. I didn’t even do many of the side quests either.

Started off today on the “Unknown Planet”, and had to do some kind of mediation between two tribes of Rakata – the followers of The One, and the Elders. Well, I’m not sure what went wrong, but it seems I ended up having to kill all of the followers of The One, and The One himself. At least I didn’t get Dark Side points for it or anything.

With that, I could enter the Ancient Temple, which was full of Sith and Sith Battle Droids and Dark Jedi and all sorts. After finding the computer in the catacombs of the temple, I could enter the roof, where I met [spoiler]. After a fight, and after disabling the field preventing ships from leaving the planet, I went back to the Ebon Hawk and repaired the engine with a part I’d found. Left the planet for the Star Forge itself, when the Republic Fleet arrived and managed to help me get on board.

Sith galore. Lots of them. Hundreds. Dark Jedi, Apprentices, Troopers, Heavy Troopers, Droids, gun turrets – the lot.

Found a Super Magic Light Jedi Suit, which helped, and fought [spoiler] again, before finally meeting with Malak. And, on my second attempt, I killed him.

Cue the end sequence and the credits that seemed to go on for ever and ever, and mentioned every single person, living or dead, who has ever existed. Ever. And some who were made up. Probably.

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