Animal Crossing: Wild World (DS)

Animal Crossing: Wild World (DS)

Saturday night in Animal Crossing is K.K. Slider night. Every Saturday between 8 and 10pm, he appears in the Café in the basement of the museum and will play you a song. You can request one, or just get him to play a random one. When he’s finished, he’ll give you a “bootleg” tape to play back in your “pad”. Today, I got a copy of “K.K. Aria”.

Since tomorrow is Turnip Day, I also went round and sold the rest of the fruit from trees to make a bit of money. I didn’t have any bells at all, as I’d paid off my mortgage with what I had. So, although I now have a nice three roomed house (the new room in which I’ve already decked out with a couple of items from the Modern range), I have no money for turnips. And my new mortgage is now almost 800,000 bells.

To make some more money, I took my oranges (which are only worth 100 each in my town) over to Lancre and sold them. Also popped in on Red, who was also being visited by Deckard. He was after a Tricera Skull – the last remaining fossil for his museum. And guess what I happened to have a spare of in my pocket? Hurrah for him!

Today was also “Flea Market Day”, meaning everyone’s houses were turned into shops, and anyone could try and buy any item inside. I picked up a Modern Desk from Yuka, and she bought a Green Lava Lamp and a Red Sofa from me. Caroline the Squirrel visited too, but I didn’t sell her anything as she only expressed an interest in stuff I wanted to keep!

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