Fire Emblem (GBA)

Fire Emblem (GBA)

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Decided to go back to Chapter 16 and pay the fortune teller 50 gold to let me know what I’m supposed to do to “turn” Raven. It seems I needed Priscilla the Healing Horse Woman Person and get her to Raven quickly, talk to him, then get him to talk to Lucius. And so, I gained them both. The rest of the chapter was really simple as I knew exactly what was going to happen (including the “surprise attack” from the south-west after about 6 moves).

Then it was on to Chapter 17 (set on a pirate ship) properly, and I was glad to have rescued Lucius as his Light Magic was somewhat helpful with the $hlmun of evil magic monk things. This chapter was pretty easy, and was made even easier by heeding the fortune teller’s advice of not moving very far. I only had to survive 11 turns, and looked on my way to wiping the enemy out after 7, but reinforcements came in. Twice. Dispatched them all and won in the end though!

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