Lunar Dragon Song (DS)

Lunar Dragon Song (DS)

With KOTOR out of the way, I decided to start on another “long” game. And I chose this – Lunar Dragon Song. And I wish I hadn’t.

I’ve only played it for 40 minutes so far, and it has already irritated me beyond belief. The graphics (specifically, the menu, item and text fonts) are awful, you feel like your character is walking on ice, and if you try to run anywhere (and you want to, as you walk so slowly), you lose hit points. Not only that, but navigating towns is more than a bit awkward, and characters you want to speak to keep walking through you when you try to talk, and sometime you have to repeatedly talk to them to get any information out of them. Vague information at that.

So, I started a job delivering a package to a nearby village, which was stolen in the Thieves Woods en-route. Well, duh. Talked to a load of people in the village who didn’t tell me much of any use, so went back into the woods. And that was it.

I think I might just give up, to be honest.


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