Prince of Persia: Warrior Within (GC)

Prince of Persia: Warrior Within (GC)

You know, I’m just not enjoying this as much as Sands of Time. I don’t know why. It isn’t anything specific, it’s just that there’s a load of small niggles and issues I’m having with it which together just makes it feel, well, wrong.

Managed to get past the room I kept falling down holes on last time I played, only to run into the Dahaka, and then run from him. This took multiple attempts, as it’s like a speed run with holes to jump and poles to swing on. Mis-time anything and you die. Eventually, I got past that bit and ended up in another room, where I had been previously in the present. After a few tries at finding a route through to where I needed to go, I finally did only to have another Dahaka chase. Luckily, it only involved a couple of jumps and then a waterfall prevented him from getting any closer, and it was off into a portal back to the present.

Once there, I ran into a guy in black who looked a bit evil and chucked an axe at me before running off. I’ve been here before too. Had a switch to hit to get outside, and then found another route back inside (with a time-release switch gate thing). Once back inside, in a corridor of traps, I promptly died over and over again as a combination of floor spikes, a spinny blade, and a crusher that leaps out of a wall made short work of me. Turned the GC off in disgust. Silly game.

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