Super Monkey Ball: Touch & Roll (DS)

Super Monkey Ball: Touch & Roll (DS)

New game day! Well, almost every day is New Game Day at the moment, but anyway.

Played through the first world, completing it without much difficulty (and with ten lives spare afterwards), and then moved onto the desert world. Got to level 9 I think, and lost my last life there.

I played all of the party games then, including a full round of Monkey Mini Golf on which I scored 55. It would have been much lower, but Hole 16 is a pain and I went 7 over Par on it. Gah.

In terms of the other party games, Monkey Hockey is one of the best, although doesn’t have much to do with monkeys, I noticed – it’s just Air Hockey. Fun though. Monkey Race and Monkey Bowling are much the same as they ever were, but Monkey Fight is broken due to the silly control method. Monkey War is just some rubbish simple Doom-style deathmatch, but with really crap controls.

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