Tony Hawk’s American Sk8land (GBA): COMPLETED!

Tony Hawk’s American Sk8land (GBA): COMPLETED!

I’ve been playing this a fair bit today, and would you believe it – I was only about ten goals away from completing it when my game was wiped! Argh!

Anyway. I unlocked everywhere again, and had to do “five old-school lines”, which I’d previously found three of accidently. Basically, there are pairs of “stickers” on each of the five levels, which denote the start and end of the lines. I was stuck with the one in the School for a while, until I realised I was grinding the foremost part of the benches and rail and not the backmost ones as required (although the stickers seem to suggest otherwise).

With them done, I’d impressed Tony Alva and the warehouse was complete. The credits rolled, but then there were six more goals in the warehouse (simple combo score ones) so finished them off soon enough.

So, completed! Although I have “classic” mode to do now…

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