Animal Crossing: Wild World (DS)

Animal Crossing: Wild World (DS)

Had a bit of catching up to do, what with not playing Animal Crossing at all yesterday. Sold about half my turnips for 165 bells each, but I’m holding on for someone online to give me a better price for the rest. My Nook is buying at 71 bells now, so I really hope someone has actually got better than that…

Sold a load more fruit, and some fossils, and managed to pay off my next mortgage – all 848,000 bells of it. I haven’t checked what my next one will be, as I’m scared to find out.

Lyle was about today, and I gave him the fake painting I bought from Redd earlier in the week. OK, so I’ll only get 100 bells for it (and I paid about 4,000) but still, it’s better than nothing. Just about.

Today is also Lah-di-Day, so all the animals are singing potential new Town Tunes. I chose Caroline the Squirrel’s tune, although I suspect Alice the Koala might be a bit upset about that as she fancies the pants off me. Fluffy does too, it seems, and told me about how she’d “accidently” shrunk all her dresses in the wash, and would have to walk round naked. Tch.

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