Animal Crossing: Wild World (DS)

Animal Crossing: Wild World (DS)

Played quite a bit this evening. Firstly, I sold all the fruit from my trees, and all the fossils I found. That made me about 80,000 bells. After that, I bought everything from Crazy Redd, including a (genuine!) Scary Painting, which I put in my museum.

Nook was buying turnips for 150 bells today, but (foolishly, I’ll bet) I turned down his offer.

Went fishing then, and caught loads of octopii, only to find they’re worth just 500 bells each and not the 15,000 or so I was hoping for. Got a few other fish too, including a Freshwater Goby that I didn’t have in my museum, so donated that.


  1. hehehe, this sux, but none of my friends have Animal Crossing WW. I’m looking for an outside visitor in order to make Nook’s Store super huge. *sigh* And with a hair salon. Any way I could convince you to come visit Nimrod in Hysteria?

    Rev. Diesel
  2. Hehe, nook is upgrading to nookingtons as i write this and i’m the first one among my friends to get it, so they’ll all be coming to my town for a haircut. I’ve only had the game 9 days… strange, but it only came out in the uk on the 31st of march… i just can’t stop playing!


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