Animal Crossing: Wild World (DS)

Animal Crossing: Wild World (DS)

Hurrah! Nook actually gave me a good price today – 215 bells per turnip! That’s the highest it’s been in my town so far, I think. As a result, I sold all my turnips, and made a 100% profit.

Went and visited Lyzzy in Scotton then, and bought a Modern Sofa from her shop and wrote on her noticeboard. She came back to my place (oo-er) to sell her turnips (although she forgot to bring them and had to go back for them – doh!). I also stole Robin from her.

Did quite a bit of fishing, and donated a red snapper to the museum. The rest of the fish were sold, for not nearly as much as I’d hoped. Stripped my trees of fruit and sold most of it, and planted the rest to make more fruit trees. Also sent my animals some letters, and sent off a message in a bottle.

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