Animal Crossing: Wild World (DS)

Animal Crossing: Wild World (DS)

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Still not much fruit lying around, and no fossils or gyroids or anything like that about either, so money making was somewhat limited today. Spent my time talking to the residents instead, and gave Friga more medicine. She so sick. I’m trying to make Sable and Brewster a little more talkative, by visiting them every day. It seems to be working with Sable (I actually had a conversation with her today), but Brewster still seems to be capable of only saying “Coo” or something sinister about his “special blend” of coffee.

Got some more letters and presents today, although they were more rubbish. Still, I sold them for bells, so they weren’t completely pointless. Bought a Jasmine Bonsai and a Black Pawn from Nook’s too, but turnips were just 127 bells so didn’t bother selling them.

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