FIFA Soccer 06 (DS)

FIFA Soccer 06 (DS)

Yes, I’m playing FIFA again. I think I may be ill, or something. I don’t generally like football games at the best of times (except for PES4 recently, and Sensible Soccer forever), not least FIFA titles as they’re all crap, but for some reason I’m enjoying this. Maybe it’s because it’s a handheld game. I don’t know. PES6 for the DS would be nice though.

Anyway. I’ve started Career Mode, which if I finish it, I will class the game as “complete”. It’s a five year campaign, with tasks and goals you have to complete and reach. For the first year, I have to take Norwich into the FA Cup semi-finals, be promoted to the Premiership, and score a certain number of some sort of points. These points are awarded for doing certain things, like winning a match by more than three goals, and stuff.

So far, I’ve played four league games and won them all. I bumped the game difficulty up from Beginner to Amateur (I didn’t realise there was a difficulty, actually, but it explains why my play previously was so easy!) but it’s still not that hard. My worst score out of those four matches was probably the one where I “only” won 8-2. I did get a 14-0 score though, too.

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