P.N.03 (GC)

P.N.03 (GC)

Completed another three or so missions, without running into much in the way of problems. I’ve bought a new suit too – I forget the name of it, but it was 300,000 credits and is of the “Fusion” type. I was then plonked into a level with somewhat harder baddies to contend with, not least because many have these guardian shield things that protect them, and you have to destroy the shield first whilst the baddie gets its shots in.

The bosses have all been a bit simple so far too. The “train” one being the most surprising – I thought it was going to be really hard, what with is zooming around all over the place, often behind me, trying to run me down and shooting missiles. A couple of special moves and some random shooting later, and he was dead.

Had a go at Trial Mission 1 then, but it’s just like the main game, only with seemingly random rooms from the main game bolted together.

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