P.N.03 (GC)

P.N.03 (GC)

This game has been sat on my shelf for about 18 months now, I think, and I’ve never even opened it. I thought I knew about the game too – jump around as a german woman and shoot robots. Dodge into alcoves, do cartwheels, etc. But there’s more to it than even that.

There’s a combo system in place, which encourages you to quickly defeat baddie after baddie. This gives you stacks more points, and what do points make? Prizes! Prizes in the form of power-ups, new, more powerful suits, continues, and special moves.

So I’ve completed the first four missions, none of which were especially difficult. It took a while to get used to the turning controls, as they’re Resident Evil-like, rather than, say Mario or Tomb Raider. You can’t really “steer” when running, which makes “Vanessa Z. Schnider” feel more like a tank than a woman. Mind you, she acts more like a tank than a woman too…

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