Prince of Persia: Warrior Within (GC)

Prince of Persia: Warrior Within (GC)

Haven’t played this in a while, and it really showed when I started it up again today. I seemed to have forgotten most of the controls, and kept falling off ledges, taking my sword out instead of running up walls, and generally acting like my controller was back to front.

Eventually got it sussed, and got past where I was previously (somewhere in the clock tower). I then had another huge baddie to kill, although he was the same as the last one so I knew what to do, and then ended up going round and round in circles because I missed a switch to open a door.

Finally went the right way, past a billion or so traps and spikes, and made it to a time sand warp bit, taking me back into the present. Sadly, I died soon afterwards as I fell down a hole into some spikes, but the spikes didn’t kill me. I couldn’t use my sand to reverse time though, as the game had assumed I was “too far gone”, and so had to run around in the spikes for a bit before the game realised I was supposed to be impaled and then I couldn’t move. The Prince just lay there making sexual noises, blood pouring out, and never actually dying at all. Turned it off.

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