Amped 3 (Demo) (360)

Amped 3 (Demo) (360)

I’ve never really got on with snowboarding games, which is odd, as I really like Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater. I think the main problem is the you-can’t-go-back thing resulting from hurtling down the hill. Amped 3 is the first in its series that I’ve played, and it’s a bit, well, odd. In some ways, it’s like SSX, but without the silly wind-up to trick control, and in other ways it’s just completely unreal and off the wall with it’s character bizarreness.

So I played it for a bit. And, I’m disappointed again. Another 360 demo that doesn’t offer anything the Xbox (or, in this case the Dreamcast even) couldn’t do. The only fancy thing it does is on the “level select” screen, where you can zoom in on the 3D map of the mountain and actually see individual trees and jumps and rails and stuff.

Overall, it plays well, but isn’t my thing.

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