Animal Crossing: Wild World (DS)

Animal Crossing: Wild World (DS)

Another day, another fruit selling frenzy. Managed about 80,000 bells today, but 10,000 went to Crazy Redd for a hifi and a Calm Painting (which wasn’t a fake!), and 35,000 went to Nook as I cleaned him out again. I sell almost everything back, but that doesn’t return me much of my initial outlay, sadly.

Caroline the Squirrel was after pink furniture again, but I’d bought a Lovely Loveseat from Nook, so she was pleased with that. I wasn’t pleased with her though, when I saw her staring at a tree. I realised it must be an insect that she was looking at, so got out my net, and then she ran away scaring the insect off. Gah!

Oh, and turnips were a rubbish 81 bells today.

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