Blazing Angels (Demo) (360)

Blazing Angels (Demo) (360)

Hmm. The last flying game I really enjoyed was on the Acorn, so I wasn’t expecting much from this. Thankfully, it was pretty good.

I completed the first two missions, and most of the third (until I crashed into a German bomber by accident), and so far it has been enjoyable. Graphics are reasonable, although there’s quite a bit of shearing going on, and draw distance isn’t that great either. And buildings, when up close, seem too small and undetailed.

So perhaps they’re not reasonable, after all.

Voice acting is pretty good, in a “chocks away!” and “tally-ho!” sort of way, although why they decided to make the main character an American, I have no idea.

Controls are better than most other flight games I’ve played, with both sticks making it simple to turn, roll, climb and dive, and the “look at target” button nakes it much easier to find enemies than any radar I’ve seen (although your have to fight your brain over which way to turn sometimes).

I don’t think I’ll be buying it, but not a terrible game, judging from what I’ve played.

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