Marble Blast Ultra (360)

Marble Blast Ultra (360)

Managed to do the half-pipe level! Hurrah! It seems the trick is to jump repeatedly across the “bottom” of the pipe, which makes you build up speed to make it up the other side. I still couldn’t manage the other two Advanced levels though – the mountain one, and “Schadenfreud” or whatever it’s called. Pah.

Went and did a load of Intermediate again to get Par times. I only have two left to do – the spelunking one being one.

After that, I played against Beck online, and beat her twice. The best bit, though, was getting 75 points in the first match, gaining me two achievements. 150 gamerpoints now. ACE.


  1. hey the trick to schadenfreud is to keep getting the super jumps… just keep playing it over and over agoain and u will cut down time and find a perfect science pattern to it. thanks 4 some help in th half pipe one i still can’t beat it under per time.
    any way laters,
    miss irish pirate


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