Project Gotham Racing 3 (Demo) (360)

Project Gotham Racing 3 (Demo) (360)

It took most of the day (when I wasn’t playing other things) to download, and I was a bit disappointed at there only being two “tracks” (both in Tokyo), but well, it is a demo.

And it’s great. I played the two tracks, one was a race, and the other a timed run. Finished both with ease. It’s just like PGR2, only with nicer graphics.

Not all that much nicer, though, which was a bit disappointing. It’s just like, well, more shiny. I suppose that PGR2 was so good that it’d take complete realism to overtake it graphically, but still, I’m left a bit underwhelmed. Only underwhelmed with the graphics though, and I suppose they might be better on the full game. We’ll see, as I ordered it today…


  1. It’s also an example of the improvement over PGR2 graphics wise, with far greater distance detail and the fact that every car interior is modelled semi accurately (though every one of them seems to have dirt in the same spot on the screen). I’ve always played bumper cam on racing games in the past – this is the first game that is actually better for having an in car view, even if the right stick head swivel function is way too sensitive to use.


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