The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion (360)

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion (360)

Into the Plane of Oblivion! I didn’t bother with the gate to Kvatch this time, and instead headed through the Oblivion Gate and into the Plane of Oblivion. There were a few pretty easy-to-kill baddies inside, and a soldier on my side, who tried to run away. I convinced him to stay and help, but he managed to get himself killed fairly quickly anyway. Tch.

There was a huge tower to enter, and more baddies inside – some of which were pretty difficult, especially when they attacked in threes. It was all a bit dark inside too, making it hard to see where I was supposed to go, and the map wasn’t much use as the “go here” marker doesn’t explain which floor you’re supposed to be on.

Luckily, it was quite a short trip to some sort of torture chamber, where there was a guy who told me “your flesh is mine!” before attacking me. After killing him, and taking a key from his body, one of the prisoners told me I had to get to the top of the tower and release the Sigil Stone to close the Oblivion Gate. So off there I headed. I then, however, got a bit stuck, as I had a few baddies to kill but my sword broke. So no sword. And my arraz are not 1337, so using my bow was out of the question too. I ended up using my Bind Gauntlets spell and punched them all in the face. Go me!

Thankfully, I then found a few repair hammers to get my sword back up and running (although my armour was feeling a little, uh, worn too, but there was nothing I could do about that). I finally reached the top of the tower, killed a few more nasties, and grabbed the stone. Everything melted, and I was back outside the Kvatch gates, with the door to Oblivion closed. Hurrah! And 50 more gamerpoints for another achievement!

Went back to the camp outside Kvatch and got my stuff repaired a bit, then returned to the gate to storm Kvatch with some other soldiers, wiping out more daedra, and reaching some survivors hiding in the chapel. One of the survivors being Martin – the Emporer’s son. Played by Sean Bean, in fact. ACE.

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