The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion (360)

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion (360)

Attempt number two at killing the marauders ended somewhat better than the first time, not least because the one that kept shooting fireballs at me kept hitting the floor with them instead of me (I was hiding down some steps), and so I kept shooting arrows at him.

After that, and after raiding the bodies, I left the fort and headed back to Imperial City. Found loads of mushrooms on the way, so picked them.

It was the middle of the night when I arrived in the city, and so all the shops were shut and no-one was about (apart from guards). I did consider breaking and entering the shops, but decided against it. The bags, crates and other containers left outside were fair game though, I thought…

I waited until morning, and then went shopping. The first place I went turned out to be (I later found out) run by some guy trying to do all the other shops out of business. I sold him everything I didn’t need, though.

After that, I talked to loads of people, shop owners, found mushrooms to “harvest”, found a passage into a sewer (where there were some items and gold), and generally just explored. I’m about two hour in to the game already, and I haven’t even really got started. This is going to be huge…

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