The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion (360)

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion (360)

Finally! I have an actual real 360 game that isn’t a demo or an Xbox Live Arcade download! And it is actually pretty impressive too.

Perhaps the last game like this that I’ve played was probably some Amiga title which I’ve forgotten the name of. I was always tempted by Morrowind, which is the game before Oblivion in the Elder Scrolls series, but the PC version would run like poo on my PC (at the time) and the ten minute waiting times on the Xbox version put me right off.

This, however, is great. Loading times are generally pretty short (and don’t happen all that often), so that’s good, and it’s on the 360 so the graphics are nothing less than outstanding in places (if very, very dark – until I changed the brightness setting – a common problem with 360 games on CRT TVs, it seems). I started off picking my character (a male Breton), and began the game in a jail cell, then Patrick Stewart as the ruler of the world (or whatever) set me free. I killed a load of rats and goblins in some catacombs, had to decide which “sign” I was to be born under (I chose The Lady, which gives me a boost to Willpower and Endurance), and then what character class I wanted to be (it was suggested I choose “bard”, but I went for “spellsword” as I want magic and blade 1337 sk1llz).

Patrick was killed, but before that he gave me an amulet and a quest to find his son. Off I went, out through some catacombs, caves and finally some sewers, before coming out into the open and seeing an amazing sunset.

In the distance, I saw a ruined tower, so headed for it. Inside, were loads of goblins, all of which I killed. Even the goblin chef. And I stole all his food. I AM TEH EVIL.

Finally, I opened a door to find a load of goblins being attacked. I killed them, and then two marauders killed me. Bah.

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