Amped 3 (360)

Amped 3 (360)

Oh my. This game is messed up. I don’t know what the designers were on, but the result is one of the most bizarre things ever. It’s like a cross between SSX, The Magic Roundabout, Homestar Runner, Seanbaby and Dude, Where’s My Car? No, really.

I mean, one of today’s tasks was to get a high score on a stretch of mountain. Fair enough, yes? Except that it was presented by what appeared to be a character from an obscure SNES role playing game. And then there was the “Meet Sebastian” story. He made out that part of the mountain was some sort of ancient snowboarding god worshipping ground (or something) and gave me tasks to perform to “better my soul” and “appease the gods”. Like, whoa. Awesomeness, dude.

Completed quite a few tasks, and progressed the story to the point where I gained the Night Pass. Then some strange Shaolin Showdown-type thing happened, and I now need to chase some people around.

Oh! And the J-Dog rap cutscene! My god, that was ace.

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