Animal Crossing: Wild World (DS)

Animal Crossing: Wild World (DS)

Another quick day’s play today. I am beginning to tire of the game now, but it has served me well for over five months, with me playing almost every single day. It’s just between daily Crossing and daily Brain Age, I’m missing out on the twenty billion other games I have. Perhaps I’ll make it six months and then call it a day.

Anyway. Turnips were 74 bells today. I did, however, manage to bump into Wendell (finally!) and so gave him a red turnip. In return, I got given a Country Guitar, which no doubt needs to be passed on to K.K. Slider when I see him on Saturday.

Sold a bit of fruit and some fossils, as well as some junk in my house I needed to ditch in order to make way for more gyroids. Watered my red turnip too.

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