Animal Crossing: Wild World (DS)

Animal Crossing: Wild World (DS)

Gah! It’s Saturday morning and Nook will only give me 72 bells for the ten million turnips I bought this week. I haven’t had a decent sellage day at all this week, with 116 on Wednesday being the highest price so far. I’d better have something decent this afternoon, or hope someone else does and opens their gates, or I’m in trouble.

Made 120,000 bells from fruit today, which takes my post office account up to around 7,800,000 bells again. Hopefully that means I’ll not make a loss (overall) this week.

Today is the Flea Market in Cheese. I didn’t really fancy buying much, although Gay Wolfgang sold me his Modern Chair, which is the only Modern item I don’t have. Had a few animals come and visit me, and I sold a few things I didn’t want any more. I have so many gyroids in my house now that all bar the “special” items and full furniture sets have to go to accommodate them all.

Also got a letter today from Nintendo. It was all written in Spanish, so I didn’t understand a word of it. Attached was a sombrero. ACES!

Later, I trapped Lobo in between some holes I’d dug, and then smacked him with my net for about twenty minutes. He wasn’t very happy, and said I’d succeeded in making him despise me. Hooray!

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