Brain Age (DS)

Brain Age (DS)

Now I’m completely confused as to how your age is worked out. I play the same three games each day when it comes to the calculation, and today I beat my personal best in both Connect Maze and Number Cruncher (I beat my previous best Connect Maze score by a good 23 seconds too – from 59 to 36), and came second on the leaderboard for Calculations x20 with 24 seconds (first place being 22). I didn’t make a single mistake on any of the three, and yet I got an Age of 22.

Which is very good, but how come I didn’t get 20, when both previous 20s have been with worse scores?

Anyway. I also unlocked another training game today – Time Lapse. Which is actually pretty hard. You’re shown two clock faces with different times on, and have to say how many hours had elapsed between the two.

Also completed a couple more sudoku.

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