Animal Crossing: Wild World (DS)

Animal Crossing: Wild World (DS)

Not selling the fruit yesterday was a bad idea – there’s TONS of it in Cheese today, both on trees and on the floor. I spentabout half an hour clearing it, and made about 120,000 bells, but I’ve barely made a dent.

Turnips were 80 bells today, which was crap. So I didn’t sell them. Nook was a bit preoccupied anyway, with hair concerns. Went shopping at Crazy Redd’s, but I already had a Calm Painting. I did buy his Tabletop Game though. Also gave Redd the Red Vase Saharah had given me. In return, he gave me a safe, which I passed on to Nook, who then gave me a picture of himself. Presumably I can pin it on the dartboard I have in my house.

Rosie moved out today. Maybe Jim stole her too. Then they can be Rosie and Jim. Ohohohoho.

In return, I’ve stolen my wife’s dog Lucky, but haven’t talked to him/her/it yet.

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