Brain Age (DS)

Brain Age (DS)

Once again, I am confused. For the three Brain Age tests, I broke one record, and came third for the other two. And my resultant age? 24.

Now, 24 is good, but I don’t understand why I got it and not 20, when I got such high scores (or low times, if you prefer) – better than when I got 20, in fact. Why does it seem to “raise the bar” every day? Is it supposed to?

Anyway. In general, the training tests went better than they have for the last couple of days. I’ve now got 20 stamps (so have been playing for 20 days already – no wonder my brain hurts), so the final daily task was unlocked – Voice Calculation. It’s basically Calculations x50, but you have to speak the answer. I got one wrong due to mis-recgonising a number, but aside from that I did pretty well, I think. Totally screwed up Time Lapse though. Gah.

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