Lost Planet (Demo) (360)

Lost Planet (Demo) (360)

With it being E3 this week, loads of trailers and a few demos have appeared on the Xbox Live Marketplace. I’d heard absolutely nothing about Lost Planet so I thought it ideal to be the one I downloaded. Obviously.

And it’s, erm, bizarre. In many ways, it’s fantastic (the napalm-like fire explosions and the snowstorm effects are great. The Bionic Commando zipline grappler device is underused (in this demo, anyway), and there only seem to be three types of baddie. But it plays really well, aside from the stupid targeting reticule being white and everything being covered in snow, which is also white. So you can’t see where you’re shooting half the time.

Not sure if I’d buy the full game, though. I played through all of the first level, and some of the second, but it wasn’t enough to get a proper feel for the game as a whole. Wait and see, I think.

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