The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion (360)

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion (360)

So it seems that the lightning staff you have the option of using in order to kill the two minotaurs in the dream is actually usable. I’d been pressing the “cast magic” button, not “wield weapon” button, so it had been just telling me I was silenced. With this in mind, I jumped up onto a platform where I couldn’t be hit, and killed the two beasties without much of a problem.

After that, I was back out of the dream, and the quest was completed. Onto the next on in Bravil – find someone’s husband. A guy at the pub said he knew where he was, and told me he’d tell me if I went to a fort out in the lake near Bravil to fetch a family heirloom. Upon arriving, I found Mr Locke (the woman’s husband), but we were trapped – prey in a live hunting game organised by the orc in the pub. Bah.

Ran round a trap-filled dungeon, killed some rats and some hunters, and got what I thought was the key out. Sadly, it wasn’t, and the orc was waiting forme as I exited the dungeon. He proceeded to kill Locke, and then set about me. Fortunately, I killed him (and his archer-woman friend) and got the real key for the fort, and left. Then I hit a bug – Locke’s wife won’t let me tell her that Locke is dead – I just don’t get that option. So I can’t complete the question. Pants.

Then I decided to head for Leyawiin (after a quick sleep, putting me up to Level 7), and set off. Going up a level seems to have been a bad idea though, as the trolls and bears I encountered on the road south were somewhat difficult. Finally made it though (finding another Wayshrine on the way), and had a bit of an explore before saving the game.

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