The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion (360)

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion (360)

Back in the Arena this evening. And, well, it’s a bit easy isn’t it? I worked my way up to Gladiator rank (that’s four more achievements and 40 more Gamerpoints) without any difficulty, but then stumbled on the round where you fight three prisoners at once. My main tactic of fireballing from a distance, and block-then-swipe up close falls down when being attacked from three sides at once. Tch.

Took a break from the fighting then, to buy some more spells (hoping to get a more powerful fireball or something). Found some great ones, but I don’t have enough in the way of magicka in order to use them, sadly.

Warped over to Bruma, and bought more spells from the Mage’s Guild there, before realising that the next part of the Thieves’ Guild questline was open here. I had to steal 50 gold worth of stuff and take it to some bloke in the pub in Bruma. Some alembics and retorts from the Mage’s Guild were plenty. With that complete, I went back to Imperial City and met the Grey Fox’s right-hand man again at the Waterfront. He asked me to get into a guard tower and steal some gold and tax sheets from Hierogliphious Lex (or whatever his stupid name is) in order to pay back the poor people in the Waterfront area. It was pretty easy, even though it was full of guards. They just ignored me.

With that, I became a Footpad in the Thieves’ Guild. Achievement/10 Gamerpoints Get!

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