Animal Crossing: Wild World (DS)

Animal Crossing: Wild World (DS)

Platinumness Get! Hurrah! I don’t know what it entitles me to, but I’ve got it anyway. No more moon-buying for me! Excellent.

Also excellent was the fact that Margie has decided to stay. And she was very pleased with the Regal Vanity I gave her today when she asked for White Furniture. Robin is after Blue stuff, Dirty Bunnie wants Pink (f’nar), and Friga wants houseplants. Can’t they do their own damn shopping?

Also found a few more things for my museum today – a stag beetle wot woz sat on a tree (I saw a goliath beetle too, but it flew away), and also a frog wot woz in a pond and I did catch it wiv my net. ACES. Oh yes, and I sold all my white turnips for 168 bells each, making me about half a million bells in total.

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