Animal Crossing: Wild World (DS)

Animal Crossing: Wild World (DS)

Last day for selling my remaining turnips today, and Nook was doing me no favours this morning by offering me just 52 bells each for them. Spent a while visiting animals and giving them stuff they wanted (mostly clothes), and Frobert came up to me and gave me his picture.

Bunnie was about, and not dead, although she doesn’t seem to want to ask me for any clothes, furniture or anything else, so I don’t know quite how to progress there.

Got a load of post today. Most of it was from Lyle, with more fall-down money, but some was from my wife. I now finally have citrus floor as a result! Hurrah! Stupidly, however, I bought then accidently sold the fruit chair in Nook’s that I’m missing to complete the set. Duh.

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