Super Xbox 360 Demo Fighter II (360)

Super Xbox 360 Demo Fighter II (360)

I’ve downloaded a few demos over the last week or two, so decided to have a go at them this evening.

I started with MotoGP ’06. I have a demo of a previous MotoGP game on my Xbox, and this is, well, exactly the same. OK, so it’s a bit shinier, but the track is the same demo track, the rider is the same rider, and the everything is basically the same. Only with a bit of gloss. I can’t see why anyone would buy this if they already have the Xbox game, unless the full version has a stackload of extra tracks over it. It was OK, but I’m not into superbikes stuff, so I’ll be giving it a miss.

There there was Rumble Roses XX (or “kiss kiss”, as I call it, as opposed to “double-X”). It’s a wrestling game, with scantily clad “ladies” fighting each other. I had no idea what I was supposed to be doing and ended up in “photo mode” which looked far to pervy for my eyes. Finally figured out how to get into a fight, and lost. I had no idea of the controls, and the demo doesn’t tell you. I’d worked out how to slap in the face, although sometimes the slap turned into a drop-kick for no discernable reason.

Finally, I played Lost Planet again briefly. I attempted the mech level again, but was napalmed like before. Three times. I have no idea how to get near enough to the mech to actually get in it.

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