Metroid Prime Hunters (DS)

Metroid Prime Hunters (DS)

I absolutely hated the demo, you know. Controls were rubbish. There was no lock-on. It all looked a bit “meh”. It just wasn’t Metroid, basically. And now look at what I’ve gone and bought! Tch, eh?

And, well. The controls seem much the same. The graphics have improved quite a bit, though, but there’s still no lock-on and it still doesn’t feel quite right. It’s also a bit difficult to hold the DS in one hand, operate the d-pad, and use the touch screen all at the same time. Thank god I have a DS Lite – if I had a normal DS my wrists would have snapped in the 40-minutes or so I played it today.

Haven’t actually done all that much yet, it seems. I’ve worked my way through the Celestial Archive place a bit, killed some things, beat another Hunter that turns into a caterpillar, and then had to put my DS to sleep as I needed to go out and there’s no save point yet. I’ve picked up another energy tank and a missile expansion already too.

Impressions so far then: it’s better than I expected, but I really need to get used to these controls. Oh, and plug my rumble pack in as well!

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