Super Monkey Ball: Touch and Roll (DS)

Super Monkey Ball: Touch and Roll (DS)

Since today is Munkie Day (no really – it is), I thought I should honour it with an inaugoral play of Super Monkey Ball. And, since my DS is the consol de moment, what better than Touch and Roll?

Which, as I now recall, is too sodding hard. I have the Volcano World, on which I get stuck on level 7 or 8, and then Ice World where I got to level 9 or 10, and lost 16 lives. It’s the one where you have a few straight bits, some humps, moving platforms, bumps, then a straight bit, then some bumpers, then a really thin curve, and finally a straight, thin, dip-then-hill. 12 of the lives were lost on that end bit. HATE.

Also played Monkey Fight, and won against the CPU. Ph33r my fist.

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