The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion (360)

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion (360)

Since I was in Anvil anyway, and Crowhaven was just a short walk away, I decided to follow up the Grey Prince’s quest, and find out about his parents. Worked my way through the dungeon of Crowhaven, and killed Lord Lovidicus. Found his diary, and then worked my way out. I took a wrong turn on the way to the exit, and found myself being attacked by a Vampire Knight. Erk! I’d heard that catching Vampirism was a Bad Thing, so got my Skeleton Guardian to, uh, guard me, and once it was dead, did a runner.

Went back to the Grey Prince in the Arena Bloodworks, and he was somewhat upset that he wasn’t half-orc, half-human after all – he was half-vampire! On the up side, he completely failed to attack me once I’d challenged him in the Arena, and so was easily killed. And I was Grand Champion! That’s 50 more Gamerpoints (560 in total now) and another Achievement got!

My prize was some ace armour, and coupled with the Grey Prince’s sword and shield (which were both better than mine), I was somewhat over-burdened. Used a Feather spell, warped to my house in Bravil, and dumped all the stuff I didn’t need into some cupboards. I had about 60-weight worth of ingredients, it seems, as well as a pile of books and wolf pelts.

I then went to Leyawiin, since that was the final place to get a recommendation for the Mage’s Guild. I’d opened the quest last time I was in the city, but didn’t complete it. I had to go to a dungeon east of Leyawiin, and found two more Oblivion Gates on the way – almost right next to each other! That’s five gates in two days. Bizarre. How many are there?

The dungeon was pretty hard, with packs of battlemages and marauders, but with the help of my Skeleton Guardian I soon dispatched them all. And the troll and imp guarding the coffin I needed to access. Inside the coffin was the amulet I needed, but when I picked it up, [spoiler] happened! Dealt with that, and got back to Leyawiin for the recommendation. I now have access to the Arcane University. Hurrahness!

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