Prey (Demo) (360)

Prey (Demo) (360)

Hmm. I really didn’t think I was going to like this. It was just going to be “another FPS”, and I’ve had enough of them. I knew there were “gimmicks”, like the walking on walls and portals and stuff, but that’s all I thought there was over any other FPS.

I was a bit wrong. The story is great, and unexpected, and the graphics are lovely. The wall (and ceiling) walking is cleverly used, and the portals confuse and impress, and the opening sequence shows the Duke Nukem heritage. However, there seems to be too much swearing-for-no-reason in the dialogue and it is too bloody dark! I want nice wide open FPS games, in daylight!

All that aside though, I enjoyed it, and even played multiplayer (although I was crap and lost).

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