Animal Crossing: Wild World (DS)

Animal Crossing: Wild World (DS)

Crazy Redd had nothing of interest for me again today. I haven’t had a new painting in months now, I don’t think.

I got a letter from Bunnie. She’s moved out. Tch. I’m not really bothered, as I had her picture anyway, but she didn’t show any sign of moving on (unlike Kabuki and Kody who both seem to threaten to go every day or so). In her place is Purrl, who is a cat. I’ve stolen her from my wife’s town, it seems.

Kabuki is after a misty shirt still, and Rodeo is also after a shirt (but I’ve forgotten the name of it), neither of which are in my catalogue. Gah. Bluebear wanted more modern furniture, so I have her a desk I found. I’m amazed her house doesn’t burst open, it must be so full…

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