Secret of Mana (SNES)

Secret of Mana (SNES)

I didn’t really intend to get into this. I’d only set my US SNES up to test it on my new TV, but somehow got drawn into it. I’ve not really played it much before, but I’ve put a couple of hours into it this time so may “go for the win”. You never know.

So I’ve started off, killed the giant Mantis Ant, gone to the Water Temple, found a girl in a castle who joined me, went to get my sword tempered (instead of doing what the girl wanted, so she left) and visited a few towns and villages. And killed a lot of stuff.

Now I’m a bit stuck. I assume I need to go to the woods where the witch is (who as put a spell on lots of people in the city the girl came from), but I don’t know how to get there.

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