Assorted Xbox Live Arcade Games (360)

Assorted Xbox Live Arcade Games (360)

Played a few of them, but not for very long each, so I’m listing them all together. Firstly, I played Uno online for a few rounds, and almost won one of the rounds when someone joined and instantly won the entire round with 341 points on a single hand. Gah.

Then I played Marble Blast Ultra, which looks especially nice in HD and lets you see a lot more of the play area as a result. Got par times for a few of the harder courses, then played online for a while.

After that, it was time for Outpost Kaloki X, and I started on the War Story set of missions. It’s easy enough so far, and I’ve got through the first five missions already (netting me an achievement too).

Finally, Texas Hold’em was played offline for a few hands. Didn’t really make much money, though.

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