Assorted Demo Games (360)

Assorted Demo Games (360)

Played a few demo games this afternoon, as I’ve been downloading a few recently. They’re all the trial versions of Xbox Live Arcade titles.

Robotron 2084: One of the many XBLA games that is similar to Geometry Wars. Could only play for a few minutes before the demo limit ran out, but it seems nice enough.

Smash TV: Essentially the same game as the one above. Sort of. Again, there was a limit, but I got through about half of the first level.

Joust: Hmm. They’re all old arcade games – did you notice? Another limit, but I was about to die by then anyway…

Outpost Kaloki X: This is great! I got all the way through the trial (the first five “levels”), and really enjoyed it. It’s a bit like Sim City, only in space. And much more simple.

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