Street Fighter II’ Hyper Fighting (360)

Street Fighter II’ Hyper Fighting (360)

Yes, again. Firstly, some issues I have with the game: The 360 pad is RUBBISH for playing it. The lobby system is crap, although it seems to be mainly because games disappear before you get a chance to join them. They haven’t used the extra frames of animation for the boss characters (like Sagat and Bison) from later games, meaning they look crap in motion.

But, it is still Street Fighter II, and so therefore, is ace.

Played loads of random people in online Ranked Matches. Well, they have to be random in Ranked Matches, as you don’t get a choice of who to play. Anyway. I lost most of the fights, but did get the achievement for 10 Ranked Matches. I then played offline, but only managed to get through the first bonus stage before being up against Ken (again!) and was unable to defeat him regardless of which character I chose. Bah.

I’m sure there’s a problem with the difficulty settings, you know.

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