Street Fighter II’ Hyper Fighting (360)

Street Fighter II’ Hyper Fighting (360)

Oh yes. No messing around checking out the demo download here – I just paid for it, downloaded it, and set about having my pants thrashed. Gah.

I won two matches in Arcade Mode, and then noticed everyone on my friends list (well, almost) were playing online. I tried to invite and/or join them, but the lobby net code is shot to bits so that didn’t happen. Played Quarter Match Mode instead, where you queue to play in a “winner stays on” thingy. The good bit, is that you can watch the others playing. I beat a guy who says he’s been winning all day and I was the first to defeat him, mainly because he used the same moves over and over and no-one else realised, I expect.

I then found Cyhwuhx from rllmuk online, and managed to join him for a few games. I beat him more than he beat me, but both of us were pretty crap. Oh well! It was also nice to fight someone who played as characters other than Ken, as everyone I’d played up until then had picked Ken. And so had I, so 15 or so Ken vs. Ken games did get a little dull.

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