Animal Crossing: Wild World (DS)

Animal Crossing: Wild World (DS)

Today’s animal-wot-is-trying-to-leave is Kabuki. Again. He-she seems much more resolved to go this time, however, leaving no suggestion of staying even after multiple attempts at persuading him/her otherwise.

It was also a flea market day today. I went round a few animals’ houses, but with Kabuki all packed to go and most of my other animals outside (and Bluebear refusing to sell me anything) all I picked up was a bed, which I suspect I already have in my catalogue. My notice board tells me the Acorn Festival starts on Monday, but I don’t know what that’ll entail. Apart from acorns, obviously.

K.K. Slider played me another song this evening too – “I Love You”. I still haven’t “put away” the track he gave me last week, actually, so I’m building a pocket o’ music at the moment.

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