Saints Row (360)

Saints Row (360)

I started off by finishing a few of the recently-found Snatch missions, before moving on to pimping up my Mag (which I’ve been using as my car of choice for later Snatch missions as it’s pretty durable and can carry three passengers). I then found a new Insurance Fraud activity, so set about clearing that one out too (which was pretty easy, even without the police-car-head-on tactic).

I also killed a load of people (starting with the DJ) in a club, using a crowbar. This gave me the “killed 50 pedestrians with melee attacks” achievement! Also cleared a few more Mayhem missions, and found a couple of CDs. I’m up to 17/60 now.

Had some interesting (although, not game-breaking) bugs today. Firstly, during one of the Snatch missions, I was driving a Nordberg full of hos at full pelt down a straight road. Then, for no reason, my car stopped dead (but didn’t crash) and vanished, leaving me and the laydeez sat on invisible seats in thin air. A few seconds later, a car plowed into the back of us, my car reappeared, and continued on again at full pelt.

Another oddity was when I drove under a railway line, which was sloping to go underground, and the train couldn’t make it up the steep incline. It kept trying, jostling, but couldn’t move. I used my rocket launcher to put it out of its misery.

Finally, I was driving across the long bridge that has the train running down the middle, and that occasionally opens up. Suddenly, the bridge disappeared. It was still there, as I didn’t fall, but I was driving on nothingness. Ace. It then faded back into existence and all was well again.

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