FIFA 07 (Demo) (360)

FIFA 07 (Demo) (360)

Two crap EA demos in two days. Who’d have thought it?

Firstly, what’s with the stuttering during the set-piece cutscenes? It’s like it’s using the same engine as NFS:Carbon it’s so bad.

Then there’s the carding system. I managed to get three red cards and two yellows in less than 6 minutes of game time (not real time). I conceed that one of the reds was my fault (although the tackle wasn’t exactly nasty), but one of the others was when they tackled me. In fact they tackled Ferdinand and Neville got sent off. My goalkeeper got yellow carded whilst all play was at the other end of the pitch, and the other yellow card came about when my player headed the ball from a corner.

And you seem to have no control over much of what your keeper does – if he gets the ball, he often reacts before you, and throws or kicks it away without you having any option as to what or where.

Overall, not impressed. The DS version is better by a mile, and PES (4, not played 5) plays a much better game of football.

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